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Peripheral Nerve Blocks

Peripheral nerves (those outside the brain and spinal cord) transmit sensation and motion. Use of either steroids (to decrease inflammation) or local anesthetic can alleviate pain along these nerves effectively.

Occipital Nerve Block

The occipital nerves stretch from the neck up to the back of the head and scalp. Arthritic changes in the spine, muscle spasm, and neck injuries can result in headaches that start at the back of the head and radiate upwards (occipital neuralgia). Injection of steroids and local anesthetic along these nerves can improve this pain.

Ilioinguinal Nerve Block

The ilioinguinal nerve is wraps around the rim of the pelvis and runs to the groin (inguinal) area. Damage can arise from incisions or scars that can occur during or after surgery to the region. An ilioinguinal nerve blocks can be effective treatment.

What to expect after a peripheral nerve block

The injection of local anesthetic medication along the nerve can result in hours of pain relief. Patients may experience long term pain relief after 3 to 7 days, once the steroid starts taking effect.