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The “Affordable Care Act” (Obamacare) is heading toward collapse. Our government officials must take action before the ACA collapses. People in many states either have no insurance option, or limited options with extremely high premiums, and deductible out of pocket costs before their insurance even kicks in. 23 million people are estimated to lose their coverage under the “AHCA”. What the media doesn’t tell you is that there are millions of these people who would not buy insurance unless forced to-which is what the ACA does. It forces people to buy insurance, and mandates what coverage they must buy. It is economically sane to remove the legal requirement to buy heath insurance. Many young people may chose not to buy insurance, or, to buy a minimum benefits package, at a much lower cost-something prohibited under Obamacare. What the media also isn’t telling us is that pre-existing conditions will STILL BE COVERED under the “AHCA”. It is time to reduce government regulatory interference in the health care market, and let the free market correct these problems. Is it perfect-no, but it will be an improvement from the catastrophe we call Obamacare.