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As a physician, it is curious to me why the Obama administration has decided to quarantine soldiers returning from west Africa, yet insists that there is no reason to quarantine anybody else returning from west Africa. They say that the military is used to doing what it is told! I suppose that means that the Obama administration feels there is no risk to the rest of us. If so, why are the military being required to be quarantined for 21 days? The hypocrisy for political reasons is astounding, with the possibility of an epidemic being the result if they are guessing wrong. I am further shocked that a heroic health care worker who treated ebola victims in west Africa, is so selfish that she refused to stay quarantined. She is right when she says that she is not sick, but with a 21 day incubation period, there is still the possibility that she is infected, and could become contagious up till 21 days from exposure. There is still no ban on travel from west Africa. I know that there are esteemed physicians saying that there is no reason for quarantine, but doesn’t it make sense to be cautious? I hope that the actions of our President and his advisors don’t put Americans at risk of an epidemic. Ebola is not treatable, and we really don’t know much about its mode of transmission.