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The only way to prevent an epidemic of Ebola is to quarantine those who have the disease. Our President refuses to impose travel restrictions on those coming into the USA from West Africa. Furthermore, the “enhanced screening” at the airports are a farce. The physician diagnosed with Ebola in NYC breezed through this screening, and then traveled all around New York…possibly infecting others. One might ask why this doctor, who obviously knew he was at risk for contracting Ebola did not self quarantine until he was sure he was not infected? This is exactly why we need to quarantine people. Nigeria imposed travel restrictions, and now has no new cases of Ebola. Governors of New York and New Jersey have ordered quarantine of those who come from West Africa. Are we more concerned with preventing an epidemic, or offending people? Where is the leadership from the White House? Our hospitals are NOT ready to treat people with Ebola. We need to issue travel restrictions, and mandatory quarantine, preferably BEFORE people are allowed to enter this country. Ellis Island was used for this type of purpose in the mid 20th century for immigrants, to ensure that people who were ill were not allowed to infect Americans. Those who recovered were admitted into the USA, those who were ill were sent back to their countries of origin, because they were ill. When did this sensible process go out the window? The answer is when liberal politicians became more concerned with offending people (voters) than with the well being of Americans. Call your politicians and tell them to impose travel restrictions, and to quarantine people coming from West Africa.