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I received this reply to one of my posts from one of my patients.


Dr. Gitt:  Thank you for providing information on “Obama Care” on your site.  I appreciate your courage as a professional to provide your views and the information on the disaster known as Obama Care. You state what many professionals hesitate to state. Additionally, the information posted is not covered by the general media.

There is so much evidence that this program to drive the US to a national health case system is a bust.  Premiums have increased, as have co-payments and deductibles.  Patient choice of physicians services have also been affected. Private companies are cutting back on their health insurance plans or eliminating them completely as companies are figuring out how to work within the law by going to more part-time workers or eliminating the plans completely and just paying the annual fine.  ObamaCare is nonsense and there is still other fallout such as individuals and families not enrolling in the plan and going without coverage because the monthly cost is far too expensive.  Additionally, the plan has a chilling effect on individuals interested in pursuing  a medical degree.

These are just a few reasons of the failure of ObamaCare, which needs to be eliminated.

I am starting a movement “Not Another Clinton As President”  (NACAP) to stop Hillary Clinton from becoming president in 2016. I’m not against a woman from becoming president but I am against another Clinton, who happens to be a woman, from becoming president. Clinton will continue the tax and spend and big government policies of the current administration.  This movement of steering our country toward a nanny and socialistic government has to be stopped.

Hopefully through your efforts and that of others this can be accomplished.

Thank you much for your efforts.