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I received the following email from one of my patients, and his wife. I want to share it with all of you. I thank you for your kind words.




              – (ON CHRISTMAS DAY) –


              (For Dr. Jeffrey S. Gitt, D.O.)


May Christmas Day be Warm and Bright for you.

May Love and Peace make Better All you do.

May you be full of Bliss! – With Nothing Blue –

From Sunrise, all Day long, till Night is through.


A Loving Christmas Day will Make you Whole! –

It’ll Bring Joy to your Heart, your Mind, your Soul.


Yes! – Let your Christmas Day be Warm and Bright!

Suffused with Peace, and Love, and Pure Delight!

Let your sweet Soul soar high … in endless Flight! –

Attuned to Joy on Earth … and All that’s Right….


Sing out with Joy on Earth! – To Heaven’s Throng!

Please Let all Souls on Earth … Hear all your Song!


All Bells on Earth – And in the Skies! – will Ring,

Each time you Raise your Voice on High, and Sing!