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For anybody wondering how government run healthcare might look like under the “Affordable Healthcare Act” (aka, Obamacare), read this article. I personally trained at a major medical center that included a lot of time at a VA Hospital. I can tell you that the information in this article was and still is accurate. As a resident physician, I saw how administrators ensured that funding would be maintained, by spending as much money as possible, to ensure that the following years budget would not be cut. Attending physicians virtually never made rounds on my patients. I was entrusted with being the sole physician making all treatment decisions on my own. Attending physicians routinely left the hospital by 3pm every day. The outpatient clinic was understaffed, CT scans were very hard to get approved in a timely fashion. Patients who had complex problems were not referred to outside experts, etc.

If you think things will be better with Obamacare, read about the Independent Payment Advisory Board, which eventually will be enacted as required by Obamacare. This rationing board will decide what treatments we all are permitted to receive. I am certain that most of my readers have never heard of it-as the media doesn’t want you to know about this.

I urge everyone to call their congressmen and ask that all VA care be transferred to the private sector, so that our veterans get the best care available. I am sickened by what we are discovering about the care of our veterans at VA Hospitals in our country. We should all be ashamed.